Our A-List of Climate Solutions

Endorsed by renowned climate funders, vetted by our rigorous due diligence: These projects can trigger the fundamental change we need.

Democracy & Public

Making the big systemic changes needed to fight climate change requires strong political will. But social inequalities, misinformation, and polarisation threaten to divide our societies. These projects build bridges for political action, harness the power of mainstream media, and work with civil society to create lasting change.

Economy & Finance

Current economic and financial systems are geared towards maximising profits and endless economic growth. At the same time, they drive global inequality, environmental degradation, and climate change. We need to challenge the values these systems are built upon and promote new measures of success, such as planetary health and human wellbeing. We also need to press financial institutions to invest ethically – and stop bankrolling fossil fuels.

Education & Health

CO2 has become the central ‘currency’ for climate action. But the warming era forces us to look around – at intersecting issues, and at the people living at the forefront of the climate crisis. Extreme weather events and new diseases most often hit those countries least responsible for emissions. We need to bring the health-climate link into focus. Meanwhile, educating both the public and influential stakeholders on climate sound strategies is critical to keeping our planet liveable.

Green Infrastructure

The built world around us is made to last, cementing our emissions and shaping our behaviour. Sectors such as construction, energy and transport can be highly polluting – but with the right backing, they can become trailblazers toward a climate-safe future. These projects work to make these transformations happen through education, coordination and people power. 

Restoring Nature

Preserving our forests, wilderness and oceans is critical to keeping global warming below 2°C. When we help nature to recover and thrive, we increase its ability to absorb carbon – and build our planet’s resilience to climate change. These projects support local communities to protect their surroundings, with holistic solutions that improve quality of life and prevent food insecurity. Both environment and people benefit.  


Farmers working the land sustainably, citizens producing clean energy, or tenants demanding greener buildings: So many climate solutions lie in the hands of local communities. These projects support people who take a hands-on approach to saving our planet, day by day.   


The most effective actions to protect the climate are well-known, and some are even written into law. Yet certain interest groups and skewed power dynamics are slowing progress. These projects work hard to change minds and policies across finance, industry and parliaments – and demand that the climate be prioritised in all decisions.


Achieving real change means aiming high: Eliminating single-use plastics, tackling corruption in climate financing, and making the construction industry green are no easy tasks. But these innovative solutions don’t shy away from disrupting and reinventing sectors, industries and paradigms. Instead, they work to identify, strengthen and scale up bold new ideas.

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